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DIY Asbestos Cleanup

DIY asbestos cleanup shouldn't really be attempted by anyone but a professional. The risks are far too great if you do not know what it is you are doing or haven't had the proper training and experience necessary to complete the task yourself. It is highly dangerous to attempt a DIY asbestos cleanup but if you feel you are capable of ensuring a safe and secure job then we have some tips and information that can help you with the task. Note that although these tips are helpful and all information provided is as accurate as can be we would still like to add that if you do attempt a DIY asbestos cleanup then you fully accept the risk and take on the responsibility and that in no way are we responsible if anything you do goes wrong (our advised always is to leave it to a professional).

Tips to Help Reduce the Risk when doing DIY Asbestos Cleanup

Again we would just like to add its best left to a professional but if you really want to go ahead with asbestos cleanup yourself then here are some tips to help you reduce the risk of exposure. Firstly, wearing a face mask or filter to cover the mouth to stop fibres from being inhaled is a complete must and the first thing you should do when attempting to do any DIY asbestos cleanup. Also be sure to buy a mask or filter that is asbestos approved and is designed for that purpose. Another good tip is to wet the material and there by stopping fibres from coming off when you move them and getting into the air. To reduce the changes of airborne fibres it's a good tip not to break up any of the material and remove it as a whole if possible. Then you should clean all the areas up with a dustpan and brush and best to through the dustpan and brush away afterwards just be safe. The asbestos you get rid of is best to place in a plastic bag that you mark so that there is a clear indication of its danger and get the local council to dispose of it in a proper and safe manner. Never try to dispose of it by putting it in with other normal rubbish as it could have many problems and harm many people if not properly disposed of.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation is another way of DIY asbestos cleanup that involves arguably a safer approach than removing and a much less expensive one as well.  Instead of removing the asbestos as you would do in normal DIY asbestos cleanup you use material to board up or even paint over to stop the fibres from being able to break off and go into the air. If you use a chemical solution and other material like cloth you can get a encapsulation that can last up to twenty years. As always stated it is always best left to a professional but if you do go for a DIY asbestos cleanup be sure to wear all protective equipment you can.

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