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Asbestos cleanup sites are all over the UK with many people needing to get rid of asbestos from homes, workplaces, garages and all other types of properties that can have this type of material in them. Asbestos cleanup in the UK is a well regulated and very much focused on the health and safety of the people that may become sick if a asbestos cleanup site is not properly set up and maintained to a high standard. The many professional companies will follow strict procedures and guidelines when dealing with asbestos cleanup and making of asbestos cleanup site but what exactly do you need and what exactly do you have to do to make sure that an asbestos cleanup site maintains that safeguard from endangering workers and other people who can be affected.

The equipment that needs to be in place on an asbestos cleanup site

The first piece of equipment that needs to be in place to make sure that an asbestos cleanup site is secure is a prepared and safe working area. By this we mean that there needs to be a level of protection surrounding the contaminated area that isn't breached by anything or anyone that could potential carry particles of the asbestos into other areas.  The asbestos cleanup site must also have at least one mobile decontamination unit to reduce any of the materials from going from the site to anywhere else they might do harm to people.

Personal Protection Equipment and Workers

The workers themselves working on an asbestos cleanup site need to have the right equipment for the job and also need to have had the training necessary for this type of work. They also must at all time wear protective clothes that stop them from carrying any materials and at least a face mask or other type of filter designed to prevent the inhalation of asbestos fibres. All the workers need to have their decontamination time in the decontamination unit to make sure they don't take any materials, that can be potential harmful to them and others, with them. The workers also need to vigilant on the asbestos cleanup site but that will come with experience and understanding of the asbestos and the related health issues that can arise.

The Asbestos Cleanup Site Itself

The asbestos cleanup site needs to have visible warnings and barriers for people to know without any doubts the high level of danger they may incur if they proceed into the site that is contaminated with asbestos. All signs and posters need to be clearly visible all over the asbestos cleanup site as this will also stop any unwanted law suit action that could be taken if anyone contracts an illness on site and uses the fact they didn't know as an attempt to get some sort of legal payment. The asbestos cleanup site also needs to be completely boarded off from other used parts of the building. Vents, Ducts and any other holes that can lead to the contaminated air escaping need to be closed up

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