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Asbestos Cleanup in the UK

Asbestos cleanup in the UK can happen on many properties and asbestos cleanup is not all the same as there are different types of asbestos that can be found in the UK. Asbestos, no matter the type, is a dangerous substance that must be handled with care at all times and that should be really only removed with a professional hand. Below we look at some of the types of asbestos and how they differ from one another, in a step to increase the awareness for people who may want to do home improvements and not know everything about the risks that asbestos can pose. The first step is always to identify the type of asbestos that you are dealing with and then you can work from their but it's defiantly a best idea to get a professional to look at it.

White Asbestos

Chrysotile or white asbestos as it is more commonly known, is more widely seen in the household and is unknown to people to be commonly used in domestic appliances and buildings. You can find this type of asbestos in walls of garages, in floors and in cement. It's a very common type and there is a big need for asbestos cleanup in the UK for this particular type of asbestos.  The ordinary use of this material makes it go unnoticed by most individuals and its this ease that we have with things around us that can lead to problems when we try to improve our homes and stumble across this material. The obvious indication that you have stumbled across white asbestos is the fact it is a white colour and is usually in a fiber material.

Blue Asbestos

Crocidolite, blue asbestos, is more commonly found as lagging and insulation and mostly likely you won't see this unless you start opening up walls and building extensions onto your home. If you do come across the blue material and find it around pipes and in other insulation areas its best not to touch and get a professional to check to make sure that the air is contaminated. The blue asbestos is most commonly found in Africa and Australia but the manufactured lagging and insulation is found all over the UK and is quite common when it comes to asbestos cleanup in the UK.

Brown Asbestos

Last but not least is the brown asbestos or Amosite to give its proper term. This is most often found in sprayed insulation and other types of insulation and boards. It is best used as a fire retardant as it is highly resistant to heat and other types of similar states. All asbestos can be dangerous and if you do find any that has become exposed or looks like it is beginning to become bad then it is very wise to get in a professional to take a closer look and suggest options on testing the level of contamination in the air because if left unchecked it could cause serious health problems.

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