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Q) What is asbestos?

A) Asbestos is a material that was used a lot in the 19th century as it had very desirable properties now however it is better known that asbestos while having these good properties can be highly dangerous if the fibres flake off and go into the air and are inhaled by people.

Q) Can I remove asbestos from my mouse myself?

A) The simple answer is yes BUT it's a very dangerous material to deal with and you need the proper equipment and tools to safely remove it. You also need the training and the expertise to complete the job in a safe and secure manner so yes you could remove it yourself but its best left to a professional.

Q) If I want to treat the problem myself without moving the asbestos what other options do I have?

A) Apart from removing the asbestos either yourself or through a professional the only other real way to clear up the problem is to use encapsulation which is to enclose the asbestos so that none of the material can turn into dust and be inhaled by people. The best ways to do this is either to paint over the material itself or to enclose it with wooden boards or other similar types of material that can safely keep the material from escaping into the air. Mostly this is a short term fix but if done properly it can be secure for 20 years.

Q) What sort of equipment would I need if I did plan to clear the asbestos myself?

A) As already stated our advice is leave it to a professional but if you did want to go through the process of getting rid of asbestos yourself then you will need some very specialist equipment. The first is and probably the most important to work safely in the area is to wear a mask or filtration device that is designed for use in asbestos cleanup areas. After that its best to keep some layer of clothing that you can safely remove later and put with the asbestos to be collected away and make sure you work in an area and keep all the dust in that area. The best way to do this is to cover everything with plastic sheets that can be disposed off afterwards.

Q) Where would I go if I want to get a professional to come in and remove asbestos?

A) There are many local companies dotted all across the UK and you may find a lot of choices for your local area or only a few it all depends but using a local directory or yellow pages is a good options as is a search through the internet using the Google search engine.

Q) How much will removing asbestos cost me?

A) there is no defiant answer to that as each client will have different needs and each job isn't the same but be aware that specialist equipment and personnel are used so it won't come cheap.

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