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Asbestos Cleanup Equipment

The high level of harm incorporated in asbestos handling and cleanup is such a big factor that there are a huge range of products and asbestos cleanup equipment that is needed to maintain a safe and secure working environment. A lot of the safety asbestos cleanup equipment and tools are necessary for the job to be done and mostly the advice is to use more than you need to make sure that you can safely protect yourself and avoid needless harm and damage to your body. Below we go through some of the equipment available for asbestos cleanup. Not all is what you will need and it will vary on each site and differences in the level of how contaminated the site is and it might not even be safe to go there at all but as a general rule its best to get a professional opinion on what is exactly needed and you should come well stocked with all the asbestos cleanup equipment that you can have.

Personal protection equipment and masks

Due to the nature of asbestos cleanup, equipment such as a mask is a must to wear while being in a site that has become dangerous with asbestos because the way the asbestos enters the body is through the air and into your respiratory system a mask is the first and best line of defence. Depending on the level of contamination either a full face mask is needed (probably a recommendation whenever you’re in a contaminated area) or a filter can also be used (if there’s a less contaminated area). Personal protection equipment such as boots and hats is advised and a full length protection such as a Cat is very much a must if there is a higher level of contamination in the air. If the area is a building site the other protective equipment (hard hats, high Vis) is all essential.

Decontamination Units

A decontamination unit is a must have for asbestos cleanup equipment and is one of the best ways to keep everyone safe while working on an asbestos cleanup. As asbestos cleanup equipment goes its relatively inexpensive for a week’s hire and shouldn’t set you back more than £150 -£250 depending on location and other variables. The price does sound high but the risk factor that fibres can get attached to clothes and not be washed off afterwards is not worth the risk and this is probably a standard piece of asbestos cleanup equipment and should always be used.

Training on Asbestos Cleanup Equipment

It's all good getting the right equipment for the job but you also have to have the right training for the Asbestos cleanup and asbestos cleanup equipment otherwise there can be fatal accidents and many other big problems that can come into play. The best advice is from the professional and you should seek out a well established business that can offer the right training for you or your workforce in preparation to doing the asbestos cleanup an handling the asbestos cleanup equipment.

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