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Asbestos Cleanup Costs

Due to the qualifications and training needed to make sure that the cleanup goes well, asbestos cleanup costs can be quite high but they are a serious problem that could cause fatal long term illness and destroy a company's image if things go badly. It all goes back to that old saying of it is better to be safe than sorry. A host of companies across the UK offer a range of equipment if you want to hire and do the job yourself (if you have the qualifications and training) or offer very reliable services when it comes to asbestos cleanup and usually offer fair asbestos cleanup costs.

What are the Asbestos cleanup costs for hiring equipment?

The asbestos cleanup costs when hiring equipment vary a great deal on the level of protection you want to have for yourself and your workers. There are a huge variety of equipment and person protection equipment and tools that all go into the asbestos cleanup costs when hiring and doing the job yourself. The first and most obvious piece of equipment is face masks or filters (depends on the level of protection and the amount of contamination in the air) and these can set you back around £50 - £80 depending on the size and make of the respiratory mask you use. Another piece of essential kit is a Cat which is a plastic suite that can go around normal clothes to prevent fibres getting attached to a person's clothes (around a £100). The best piece of equipment for getting rid of all unwanted fibres that may attach themselves to anything that a person is wearing is a decontamination unit which can run up to a total of £250 for a  larger four shower model for a week's hire. Other essential yet easily missed equipment is signs and posters that need to be clearly visible when working on areas to prevent and warn people from entering. All this needs to be considered when thinking about asbestos cleanup costs when hiring out the equipment.

What are the asbestos cleanup costs when you use a company to do the work?

The asbestos cleanup costs when you use a company to do it are far higher because of all the safety equipment they have to use to keep in with standard regulations and they have high rates of pay for the workers doing the dangerous work.  Also all the workers from a company will need to be fully trained and qualified so you know you'll be getting the best service but it will push up the asbestos cleanup costs considerably more than if you hired the equipment and done the job yourself.  The actually asbestos cleanup costs vary a great deal from each incident and the amount of contamination and the amount of asbestos need to be removed and then the amount of time that will take.  To get a clear price on the asbestos cleanup costs then it is best to go to a local company for a quote.

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