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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a material that was used a lot in the 19th century due its properties of being heat resistance and other desirable properties. As modern times rolled in, asbestos has been outright banned in several countries such as New Zealand and Australia while heavy restrictions are in place on its use in most countries now because of the health issues it can cause to human beings. Asbestos has been linked to being the cause of some cancers and one in particular is a known side effect of exposure to inhaling some of the asbestos fibres in the air.

Why you need asbestos cleanup?

The first main concern when finding asbestos in an area is that the asbestos can be inhaled and cause many illness problems in the short and defiantly in a long term basis so it is best to get asbestos cleanup done as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Not doing asbestos cleanup, when you know about it, can lead to not only ethical questions being put to your company but also can lead to a high amount of lawsuits being put up against you and any company that didn't act. This could not only destroy the reputation of a man or company image but also cause great harm financially and there is also the ethical side of the harmful effects the asbestos can have on a workforce so asbestos cleanup is essential.

What are the laws about asbestos cleanup?

Asbestos Cleanup In many countries the use of asbestos is outright banned and most countries have strict guidelines and regulations that need to be followed when interacting with asbestos or attempting asbestos cleanup. The outright ban is enforced in countries such as Australia and New Zealand and other countries have regulations that need to be followed such as the U.S and the UK. In the UK there is the Asbestos Regulations 2006 act that is made up of all laws over the years to obviously regulate the use and to give a procedure to asbestos cleanup. The guidelines are on the amount of exposure that someone can have to asbestos either in the workplace or when asbestos cleanup is taking place. The work that can be carried out under controlled conditions to safeguard people. All materials with asbestos has to be identified and known so that people are aware of the risk and that proper checks can be made regularly to ensure the asbestos doesn't become a danger to people. Other things that the regulations states is that plans and rules need to be in place to protect people to make sure they are only exposed to the minimum amount of asbestos (an acceptable level of asbestos). There are the obvious regulations of asbestos cleanup such as the asbestos cleanup can only be done by a licensed person or persons and that they must use the right equipment and correct procedures. Then the regulations to the disposal of asbestos, after asbestos cleanup has taken place, need to be followed.

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